Engineering Solutions

If you need a circuit board designed for your idea, integrated controls for your industrial machine or you just don't know how to solve a problem, we can help. Decades of experience within our team have allowed us to bring multiple successful products to market. Past projects include optimizing airflow patterns within HVAC units, automatic control systems to detect changing environmental conditions, remote monitoring and more.

Web Development

Lead LAMP development on a global multi-language community site for a major brand. We have experience developing community solutions as well as extending existing sites. Whether the site needs to be integrated into a wearable device, an industrial control system or anywhere in between. Our unique skill set allows us to build immersive web experiences across devices and platforms.

System Administration

Over a decade of experience installing and maintaining linux based servers. Working both in the cloud and on bare metal with standalone and load balanced configurations allows us to tailor solutions to your needs.

Complete solutions

We strive to understand the entire problem and how it fits into the larger eco system. Our solutions are comprehensive because our team is. Having staff across multiple disciplines allows us to properly understand and address unique and complex situations.